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Rock Solid Data Center Security - Phsical

SVCOLO takes a very stringent approach to physical data center security. We insist on rock solid security at all center locations.

Each facility has up to 5 levels of physical and electronic systems working 24/7 to protect your equipment, including around-the-clock monitored closed circuit televisions, on-site support and security teams, biometrics security systems and/or military-grade key cards, and various alarms and sensors tied to fire and police departments.

  • You get 24x7x365 security monitoring and the peace of mind that comes from knowing SVCOLO has strict data center security protocols enabling only authorized personnel near your equipment. 
  • You set the security clearance for all personnel and you establish the "escalation" protocol based on your requirements. SVCOLO has proven procedures for instantaneous denial of access to any customer personnel should their security clearance be changed.
  • You know your data center is monitored 24/7 with all internal and external areas covered by DVR for additional data center security and safety.
  • You can rely on SVCOLO's processes because a SSAE 16 audit confirmed SVCOLO had its control objectives tested and reviewed by an independent CPA firm to ensure operational procedures, security, controls, and processes are operating effectively to safeguard and protect your data and equipment.

Data center security is taken very seriously. SVCOLO's’s solutions are designed and deployed to allow customers to focus on their core business instead of being distracted by escalating security threats and evolving compliance requirements.

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