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Critical Power

Data Center Power
Due to the growth in data center power consumption, customers look to us to provide expertise and insight regarding all aspects of power delivery and management. Our expert staff and engineers have designed our power systems with built-in redundancy, full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems with up to N+1 levels or greater, and backup generator systems in the event of a local utility failure.

Our teams work with you to solve your business needs before installation and to also accommodate any specific high-power requirements. All power and back-up systems are tested regularly to ensure the infrastructure and procedures perform as designed.

As a customer, you have the ability to remotely monitor the critical systems supporting your installation - which is all backed up by SVCOLO's 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA).

N+1 options are available with both AC and DC power in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations designed to suit your budget and the critical nature of your application.

High Density Data Center Power
You can receive up to 5.7kW of usable data center power per cabinet. This would be the equivalent of three (2) 120VAC/30A power circuits, or one (2) 208VAC/30A/single-phase power circuit.

Of note, the redundant (B-side) power circuits are not included in this calculation since 5.7kW is the true maximum usage and not over inflated by also including the redundant power circuits. Also note that 5.7kW is the net maximum usable, rather than an inflated gross/breaker number, which would be 7.2kW (14.4kW if one were to include the B-side power circuits).

Fully Redundant Data Center Power
Several Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) devices are installed on major electrical panels and remove spikes prior to being seen by the UPS, where the wave form is stabilized. The UPS systems correct utility power to a stable wave former through double-conversion, and include a 7-minute battery back-up to transition to the generator system.

Power is distributed from the UPS through K-rated transformers to local panel distribution panels and branched to computer cabinets. Computer cabinets are installed with IP-addressable power strips containing ampacity meters. This information is viewable at anytime on your individual Colo Control Panel.

SVCOLO provides both AC and DC power in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations. The system includes a back-up using an Automatic Transfer Switch connected to a stand-by diesel generator. The system is designed to transition to generator back-up in 15 seconds whenever an under-voltage or over-voltage condition persists. Back-by power is sustained and not restored until the utility supply is stable and consistent.

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