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Flexible and Scalable Colocation Solutions

Take advantage of the most flexible contract terms in the industry. You can adjust and evolve your relationship with SVCOLO as your business requirements change. You won't get locked in to an ill-fitting, long-term contract for your colocation solutions.

No matter what you need, SVCOLO has experience offering colocation solutions to businesses of all sizes. As a company with exceptional depth and experience, rest assured you can easily access the space, power, and systems necessary to keep pace with your company's changing needs.

Flexible Space – you can expand your footprint and the amount of equipment you place in the data center when your business needs change.

On-Demand Services – you can select power, connectivity, support, and more based on what you need and when you need it.

SVCOLO's unique colocation solutions for growing businesses enable you to scale easily with guaranteed space and power.

· A single contract provides expansion as needed in the same facility or into any other SVCOLO facility anywhere in North America.
Connectivity between locations gives you true redundancy and business continuity.

Scalable power delivers to you the flexibility to burst above a given commit level so power will always be there when you need it.
Scalable bandwidth above your commit level and provisioned with a larger pipe which guarantees you are ready when your customer's demands increase.

Flexible power and data center space available to consume at peak times in an "on-demand" fashion giving you room to grow.

Contact Silicon Valley Colocation today and get a quote for for flexible and scalable colocation solutions including colocation cabinets colocation cabinets, cages, suites and custom colocation solutions. Call 408.541.2009.


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